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Liquor Licensing

Midtown Law understands that your liquor license or permit is more than just a sheet of paper, it’s your livelihood. Midtown Law is dedicated to serving and advising individuals and businesses involved in every aspect of the alcoholic beverage industry. From local permits, to Arizona Department of Liquor applications and proceedings, we stand ready and willing to be your liquor law advocates.

Our experience navigating state and local regulations means that we can provide detailed advice, explain the rights and responsibilities of licenses, and answer tricky questions on everything from applications to licensure, drinking and distribution, and gifts to home brewing.


At Midtown Law, we help new participants in the industry decide what type of license granted by the Arizona Department of Liquor is right for them. We help clients assemble the correct application materials, advocate and negotiate with local governments to ensure that the appropriate local approvals and permits are in hand, and we leverage our reputation for thoroughness and excellence with state regulators to ensure that our clients obtain their licenses.

Accusations and Administrative Proceedings

Midtown Law also helps licensees defend their license after an accusation has been filed. Violations of state liquor law, such as selling to a minor, can result in civil monetary penalties, suspension of a business’ liquor license or even revocation. We pride ourselves on defending clients vigorously, and are dedicated to ensuring that our clients get the best and most thorough defense possible.